Mirrors, adjustment mechanisms, metal supports
The title of this installation, Karonhia, means “sky” in the Mohawk language.

“In Karonhia, with its precisely angled mirrors that direct and focus our attention like a scientific instrument, Geuer invites us to observe the sky. Geuer has cut the mirrors of this observatory in the shape of the reflections of the windows through which the sky is viewed, reminding us that there is always distortion in our perceptions, and that- in science as in art- there is an effort to understand how we perceive as well as to give order to what our senses tell us. The Mohawk title recalls a way of life based on respect for nature, a respect that begins with awareness.”

“There are four pairs of these mirrors fastened to the balcony of the rotunda. The steel structures holding these mirrors in place are in character and colour identical with the surrounding architecture to make sure that the interest is entirely on the reflections from the sky coming through the windows of the cupola.”

Taken from exhibit label at National Gallery of Canada

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