Glass plate on wooden structure polarizing sheet, ovoid Plexiglas dome
Collection Museum Boymans van Beuningen, Rotterdam,The Netherlands

“ Its central element was a small plexiglas dome, ovoid in shape, placed on a reflecting glass plate slightly tilted to slope away from the window. In front of the dome was a polarizing sheet. The light from the window passed through the sheet, was de-polarized as it struck the plexiglas, and polarized again by the glass plate. In the process, however, the uniform white light was decomposed; as a consequence, the reflection of the dome appeared filled with multicolored shimmers. All the other objects in the gallery being in shade between black and white, the only colors in the room were those obtained directly from Nature with minimal interference of the part of the artist. The work’s title refers to the reputed greyness of the Dutch atmosphere as well as to the tradition of The Hague School painting, which searched for a shade of grey ‘pregnant with colors’.”

Cor Blok ~ Chief Curator Contemporary Art ~ Museum Boymans van Beuningen ~ Juan Geuer’s Natural Philosophy p.5

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