1917 - 1939 Born in the Netherlands, raised in a family of artists, worked with Piet Klaarhamer and through him was introduced to De Stijl en the aesthetics of purity; made stained glass windows; worked as a mechanic and audited courses in geology, physics and philosophy.

1939 - 1953 With his parents and siblings trying to live off the land among indigenous people in the Yungas of Bolivia; made glass and glass stains from local minerals; created expressionist art in glass; social activist; designed and built primitive textile machines; made alcohol. Married in 1946 to Else Vermeij; worked in the textile industry in La Paz; started a family; engaged in social and philosophical discussions: came to Canada in 1953.

1954 - 1979 Worked as a draftsman in the Dominion Observatory (later the Earth Physics Branch of the Dep. of Energy Mines and Resources) Government of Canada; became seriously involved in scientific projects drawn by aesthetic curiosity, worked on meteor crater research and instrument development; did mural and easel painting until 1968; made three dimensional installations related to his involvement in scientific research and social concerns.

Since 1979 Working full time as artist, his vision is to reach beyond the dichotomy of science and art, aiming for less contaminated expression. "Awareness before it becomes trapped in concepts and metaphors carries the full flavour." Not resting in enclosed humanism, his works create links and open windows to the earth, the atmosphere, to social situations, magnetism and light.

Juan Geuer passed away suddenly May 2, 2009 in his 93rd year in Ottawa, Canada with his family at his side. We mark his passing with grief. We cherish his life for the great gift that it is.